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  • Classics!

  • Sharing these as part of a seasonal, as if these and a few others aren't on repeat throughout the entire year

  • The Hammer box set is indispensable for anyone who also enjoys this sort of thing

  • Excited to have the limited edition Ghostwatch blu-ray and 4K UHD version of the Changeling

  • Halloween candy!

  • Have not tried these but hopefully they are tasty

  • Bought these mostly due to the fun artwork

  • So much candy

  • Definitely more than needed

  • Got fruit gums for a non-chocolate option

  • Got Dove as it tastes a bit nicer than the regular US style chocolates

  • Keep telling myself that I am not starting a Ladybird collection but can't resist the artwork and nostalgia factor

  • Love how Ladybird books present the world - well-ordered, pleasant and easy to understand

  • On to Sylvania!

  • Newly arrived items include the Secret Forest series

  • More on the page linked above but posting Freya here, as her Secret Forest outfit is so good

  • Still need to add the small accessory items and the blind bags.

  • One more notable October event

  • Happy 1989 (Taylor's Version) release month!

Prototype Terrier Guard
Prototype Terrier Guard

The most exciting development is the arrival of this amazing prototype terrier guard, a present from a very kind friend and fellow collector. This ultra rare figure is a treasured part of my collection due to the rarity but even more so as a special gift.

  • Adult size figure

  • Created for the 25th Anniversary celebration

  • Never released

  • Only two in existence

Other projects from the past month include (finally) sorting books, catalogues, magazines and other paper bits. These have been building up for years and many have come from friend and collecting legend Jacc Batch, including the British Airways colouring books.

  • Organized for scanning

  • Sorting into protective sleeves

  • Scanning is a long term project, will take an eternity

  • The "to be added to website" folder is growing, need to dedicate more time to updates, hopefully before August / September releases begin arriving.

  • Working on updates to the Sylvanian Families reddit, including creating the wiki, adding links to various resources and gauging interest in community events.

  • Need to finalize plans for next year's Creative Challenge series

  • Waddle Penguins are ridiculously cute! Love that we've had many arctic / cold weather families come to Sylvania recently

  • Christmas set is lovely, small nitpick is that a Waddle Penguin would have been a natural fit with this set

  • Curly Cats are lovely, with nicely done outfits. A unique mold and interesting colors are always enjoyable.

  • The UK versions of the Curly Cat sets arrived as well, no photos of those yet

  • The Lop Ear Rabbit costume babies are not the most interesting of sets but very cute, always glad to see a Waddle Penguin

  • The Epoch shop exclusive campervan recolor is basically design used for the Flair and early Epoch edition

  • Very pleased for the older version to be revived, as the more recently redesigned Epoch was not something that appealed to me and one of the few modern sets I've not purchased

  • The Latte Cat father and burger stall set is fun - very much enjoying both the Latte Cats and the fast food mini-theme

  • Lots of website updates are needed - I am behind, as per usual

  • Recent additions include 1985 Japan editions of the Evergreen Bear Grandfather and Grandmother

  • Very happy that the Grandfather came with his walking stick and pipe

  • Other updates in the News section

  • Been noticing the usual August slump for ebay over the past week, hopefully will mean more time for website updates

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