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Thistlethorn Mouse Family

Hello and thanks for visiting! This space will be used for random notes on website updates, news on ebay listings, photos of things I enjoy and so on.

Been a bit hesitant to begin another blog, as for me personally, writing is a high stress activity. So, for this new venture, I am freeing myself from any self-imposed obligation to attempt be interesting, articulate, engaging or anything of that sort. Apologies in advance to anyone who might stumble onto a post here. Instead, this will be more matter of fact, probably include bullet point lists (my most used form of written communication) instead of sentences / paragraphs and miscellaneous photos. My personal version of fun is learning to be a Sylvanian archivist or historian, so this website / blog will probably reflect that. While there will certainly be plenty of Sylvanian content, there will be other references as well. Hoping to document some of my other collections including:

  • vinyl albums: San Francisco 60s/70s artists, Taylor Swift, Lord Huron, Sam Smith, British folk being the most represented genres / artists

  • books & zines: folklore, folk horror, classic supernatural stories, vintage gothics (women running from houses genre), Ladybird, Frog and Toad and so on

  • films: Hammer and Amicus, classic horror in general

  • vintage things in general, including random items, adverts, menus, photos and media

  • Plush characters including Squishables & Build-A-Bear

Other updates:

  • Website updates:

Thanks to all who have visited the website! It's not been much advertised aside from being used a reference for identifications on the Reddit sub and and a few posts on the boards, so it's been a bit amazing to look at the traffic and see that there have been visitors. At the outset of this project (mid 2021), I didn't really expect many, aside from a few very dedicated collectors, to look at the site. The purpose was really only for me to have a way to track my collection, so the organizational design might not be particularly user friendly to anyone who does not have ownership of my brain. Hopefully visitors are able to find it useful, despite maybe not having the most convenient set up. Meanwhile, I'm still not caught up on adding my entire collection to the site but am trying to add things at a somewhat steady pace.

  • eBay listings:

I am currently listing extra Sylvanian bits on ebay. The space is needed in the Sylvanian room, as tons of duplicates have amassed over the years and the collection is continually growing with both new releases and incoming older vintage sets. There are boxes and boxes to be listed. While most are unboxed figures, including some rare characters, there are also duplicates of boxed Sylvanians, magazines, catalogues and some furniture. There should be updates here on new listings. Hopefully this will help other collectors fill in some gaps or add some fun new characters to their villages.

Of course, I am very sure this is far more information than is wanted or needed.

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting the website and / or slogged through this post!

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