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Halloween 2023

  • Classics!

  • Sharing these as part of a seasonal, as if these and a few others aren't on repeat throughout the entire year

  • The Hammer box set is indispensable for anyone who also enjoys this sort of thing

  • Excited to have the limited edition Ghostwatch blu-ray and 4K UHD version of the Changeling

  • Halloween candy!

  • Have not tried these but hopefully they are tasty

  • Bought these mostly due to the fun artwork

  • So much candy

  • Definitely more than needed

  • Got fruit gums for a non-chocolate option

  • Got Dove as it tastes a bit nicer than the regular US style chocolates

  • Keep telling myself that I am not starting a Ladybird collection but can't resist the artwork and nostalgia factor

  • Love how Ladybird books present the world - well-ordered, pleasant and easy to understand

  • On to Sylvania!

  • Newly arrived items include the Secret Forest series

  • More on the page linked above but posting Freya here, as her Secret Forest outfit is so good

  • Still need to add the small accessory items and the blind bags.

  • One more notable October event

  • Happy 1989 (Taylor's Version) release month!


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